17 May 2008


I am originally starting this to document a simple summer internship that turned into a life-defining experience. What else will come out of it, I cannot say…

When I think about explaining myself on a blank computer screen, it seems like a daunting task. The truth is, I do not really know who I am yet. As I step into my final year of college and prepare to enter the adventure God has for me, I cannot even pretend to know where He will lead me.

But I am learning.
Learning how to rejoice in my weakness, because He is strong enough for both of us.
Learning that I do not need a house to know where my home is.
Learning how to rest in both the mountains and the valleys, realizing the importance of truly being present where I am.
Learning how to breathe deeply and fully when I cannot sleep for fear of the darkness.
Learning how perfectly faithful God is, even when I am not.
Learning how to live authentically and surround myself with a community that encourages me to do so.

In everything that I am learning, I am searching for a way to rest in those unexpected moments of self enlightenment and I hope this will be a way to do it. As I search for my true self, I have no clue what the journey will look like, but I know that trusting in Him is the only way I will truly learn how to live authentically.