05 June 2008


There is this strange time in our shift into adulthood when we begin to realize and understand the realities of our world. We begin to see those factors that limit our dreams and cause us to see things in a new light; but a light that really feels more like a shadow. We begin to realize our limits in our talent as a little girl longing to don the ballet tutu without a fraction of balance. We begin to realize our limits in genetics as a little boy striving to be a famous basketball player, but growing only to reach 5’5 in height. We begin to realize our limits even in our own will as the biology or political science major realizes that maybe they do not have enough energy or stamina for the multiple years of medical or law school. And most often, we begin to realize our limits in our finances as we prepare to enter a university system that will leave us paying off school loans for decades after we graduate.

As we grow, and shift, and our passions change, we continue to pray that these new passions are not limited by what we cannot control. But mostly – as our disillusionment eventually shows us – our passions somehow always seem limited by those wonderful life lessons we call “reality checks.” We are constantly brought back to a place of not only wondering “am I enough?” but also “is my passion enough to sustain me?” and “are my finances enough to sustain my passion?” We enter college to find what we are passionate about and what we are called to do with the life God has given us. Ironically enough however, by the time we graduate, most of us realize that that which we are called to do does not seem possible because we are paying off that which helped us realize it. (Does that make any sense at all?)

Our hope is found in a Creator who knows no limits, except those we, ourselves, put on him. It is through him alone that the little ballerina will find balance in an unstable world. Through him, that the determined athlete will grow tall in his knowledge and understanding of a complex life. Through him, that the young student will find the strength and stamina to change the world. It is through him alone that we will pay off our debts while working for a non-profit organization that we truly believe in. There are limits in the world we live in. Everyday we deal with reality checks. How fortunate we are to also have a God who transcends our disillusionment and brings us to the exact place we need to be if only we will trust him to do so.