16 July 2008

Passion & Action

My passion and my action. How do I translate that which you have placed on my heart into that which you are calling me to do?

I am beginning to realize the true and immense purpose of what you are calling me to do. I am beginning realize that my passion IS my calling. For so long I have told myself that I would act in human rights issues by simply empowering those actually doing the work; that I would support their work while doing something else. But now I realize that I might have been saying that in order to hold on to my desire for a “normal” American life.

I am realizing your calling is so much more than I have allowed. That what you really want me to do is so much bigger than I am letting it be. Have I simply been hiding behind my responsibilities? I know that I trust you completely to guide me…but have I been using the practical responsibilities of my everyday life to mask my fear of letting go of other things I desire? I was sitting at the Trust, talking with Steve Garber about what I am passionate about and what I want to do with my life, and actually beginning to fully realize the implications of such a passion and a calling.

The question remains. How do I translate all of this self-actualization into genuine action? I realize more and more what I am passionate about and how it relates to what God is calling me to, but how should I begin to actually move forward in this? Lord, please continue to open the doors that I have been to afraid and unwilling to walk through before. I do not know where you will take me in the following days and weeks and years, but please continue to open the doors, I promise to walk though them from now on.

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