13 September 2008

Murdock Trust

This summer I worked at the Murdock Charitable Trust, a foundation that provides financial support through grants to non-profit organizations in the Northwest. Throughout this 12-week period, I learned more about myself, my passions, and my calling than I ever had before. I spent time, not only working on actually meaningful projects (seems unheard of in the internship world, doesn’t it?) for the Trust, but being mentored and nurtured towards God’s calling on my life. I was surrounded by amazing mentors and wise teachers, as well as three other interns my own age who, while in somewhat of an ironic way, helped me realize more about myself and how I interact with people. The experience completely caught me off guard as one which shaped my life more than I could have imagined. The internship opened so many doors and made me realize that to do what God wants me to do is vital to my successful survival in a world where we are taught to do whatever we want to.

The entries within this category are simple thoughts I had throughout my days working there, mostly for the purposes of writing about my experience for my senior practicum. However these are also threads of thoughts that truly changed my perspective of myself, my relationship to others, and my responsibility within a broken world.

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