12 September 2008

I Collect Books...

I collect books. There is this huge bookstore in my town (Portland) that is one entire city block wide and about four stories high. It is probably my favorite place in the whole world. I have had to force myself to stop going there so often because everytime I do, I never fail to walk out with at least four books...and with no less than $50 gone from my bank account. I buy books that I have read before, but feel the insurmountable desire to own so I can write all over the margins. I buy books I have never read but tell myself that, despite all the reading I have to do as an English/History student, I will most definitely have time to read. I buy books for people I love to show them how much I love them. I collect books.

Every six months or so, I am forced by my overflowing bookshelf to goo through all of these books and sell the ones that I can bear to part with. This task is getting harder and harder. Some books I have read dozens of times and will probably read a dozen more. Some I have read once and that was all I could handle (usually those are the ones that go to Powell's). Some I still have yet to read...but I just know I will someday!

Given this strong love (ok...maybe a little obsession) for the books in my life, I think I should start sharing my love with all of you. So here will be my little review section...maybe I can convince to read a magnificent, awe-inspiring, amazing book or two :)

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