13 February 2009

21 things to do before I turn 22

In my obsession with making lists and my desire to make my last few months in Portland worthwhile...here it is.

1. Spend an uninterrupted afternoon at the Japanese Gardens (done)
2. Splash around at the Keller Fountain Park like I did when I was 6 and did not care what people thought about me
3. Find solitude, peace and sanctuary with “Our Sorrowful Mother” at the Grotto (done)
4. Get some inspiration at the Portland Art Museum (done)
5. Have a beer at every McMenamins in Portland (done...sort of)
6. Road trip to Seaside and go swinging on the ocean (done)
7. Learn how to see (still learning)
8. Have a picnic at the top of Mt. Tabor (done)
9. Read three books that I choose…just for myself. (done)
10. Happy hour at the tallest building in Portland (done)
11. Ride on a train (done)
12. Walk across the St. John’s bridge
13. Find a field of Tulips in which I can wander aimlessly (done...with a few adjustments)
14. Visit what I hear is the coolest library this side of the Mississippi (done)
15. Find a certain childhood book that my mother lost in the fire…give it to her and revel in her joy (done)
16. Move into a new house and cultivate a few new memories there (done)
17. Find the great wall of gum at the Pike Place Market (done)
18. Take more pictures...and share them (done)
19. Try the empanadas and sugar cane lemonade at perhaps the most colorful restaurant I have ever seen (done)
20. Dance away my troubles along with my favorite band of mischievous musicians (done)
21. Let it go (still learning)

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