04 February 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

Holy freaking cow! I just saw this film about a young man who goes on Indian’s version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire and I wish I had an explanation for how completely magnificent it was. Beautifully made, devastating and hopeful at the same time, truth in every form. How can a movie about the life of one boy in India be so powerful? Because it is harsh and magnificent and lovely and brutal and pure and appalling and truthful. The camera angles portray a life of chaos, while not discounting the true possibility of destiny that the film thrives on. The actors strike a perfect balance between the characters' resignation with their current lives, while still striving to hold onto a strong sense of hope and trust in the beauty of their world. It is a commentary of the world we have allowed ourselves and others to live in. A world of disgusting and dangerous slums with the governance of an illegal mob as its only remedy. A world of parents lost to religious intolerance, brothers lost to corruption and greed, and true love lost to the perversion and disrespect of others. However, it also has one of the strongest messages of hope of any film I have seen. The man’s trust in the destiny of true love and in the compassion and good that can be found in others prevails over all of the horrific obstacles he must overcome. Like every other item on this list, the film inspires in me both questions and hope for the world God has placed me in. It is a definitive example of why I am such a strong advocate for human rights and social justice, but it is also a definitive example of why I have hope that things can change.

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