20 March 2009

#20...Blue Turtle Seduction!!!

There is nothing better than: old friends visiting and meeting new friends. A little piece of home coming to you when you need it the most. Dancing with abandon.

04 March 2009

#15 or...I found it!!!

So, after almost a year of searching I found it! The one book my mother kept from her childhood that was destroyed in the fire...I found it! I remember when I was little, she would pull it out on those night when I had nightmares and tell me the story of Lillibet's search for her friend, Stanley the Giraffe, on one magic night. I loved how the author combined his illustrations with photographs of a little girl. With her straight bangs and expressive face, I always thought she looked just like me! And I loved how no matter what horrible things I had been dreaming about, Magic Night for Lillibet was always able to lull me back to sleep and dream of flying tigers that let me ride on their back all over town and giraffes trying on bowler hats in a department store.

When I began looking for the book about a year ago, I had no idea how rare Magic Night for Lillibet actually is. But once I found it and payed an amount that is a bit too much to name, I knew it was worth it! My mom loved it...yay!