19 May 2009

#6..."Swinging on the Swings on the Ocean"

Since my roommate, Adrienne, is leaving in just a few short days, we decided that one of our last days together had to include a road trip to Seaside. While it was great fun to be able to check #6 off the list, it meant so much more to be able to spend a few hours with a great friend who I will miss so very much. Some thoughts on Adrienne, my roommate, great friend, and occasional counselor (it's nice to have a psych major for a roomie!):
- What a spirit for adventure! Whether she is diving into the most chaotic of situations in our house, spending a summer camping in the woods, or even deciding to live at home for a year after graduation, I am continuously amazed by her courage and strength in the life she lives to its very fullest.

- As I look back over the past year, I find her there, always there. She has so much wisdom and grace for someone who is only 21 and I am so very thankful that she remained a constant in my turbulent and sometimes melodramatic life. It truly was her practical and compassionate presence and advice that kept me sane.
- It's hard to describe, except to say that there could very well be a carbon monoxide leak in our house. Or maybe it is just that we, as roommates, are so comfortable with each other that we can be our truest and most inane selves. Adrienne always brings out the best in our silliness. From nights spent rolling around the living room floor in laughter, to episodes of Friends quoted for weeks like inside jokes, to the ridiculous games that end with me lying on the ground on the sidewalk outside of Starbucks, the Beech House is ALWAYS fun...due in large part to the wackiness that is Adrienne Hagen.

- Above all else, there is her love and her peace. In those most difficult times, I am always amazed at how Adrienne rises up to secure a sense of practical and unyielding peace in my soul. She reminds me that although life might be hard and mean and quite dramatic, you should never let it take itself too seriously. She reminds me that to love people and to love God truly is enough to sustain a life that is peaceful and silly and full of authentic community. She reminds me that life is a series of choices we make and it is only through courage and faith that we will be able to decide.
So there it is, my ode to Adrienne Hagen. Man oh man, I will miss her.