04 June 2009

#19...Cuban Food at Pambiche!

Ah Pambiche, how has it taken me so long to find you?
How did I never taste the sweet perfection of your sugar cane lemonade or the delectable flakiness of your spinach and cheese empanadas?
How have I ever truly lived without your banana spice milk shake with the perfect amount of cinnamon or your guava and cream cheese empanada?
I could probably live without the "Cuban Red Beer" though. Good thing Tyler got that and not me.

Empanada Dulce w/ guava & cream cheese - Tostones (fried green plantains)

Chewing on sugar cane after finally figuring out the right way to eat it!

Empanadas w/ spinach and cheese & Limonada de Guarapo (sugar cane lemonade is my favorite!)
Croquetas w/ Codfish & Potato & Michelada Cubana (Red Cuban Beer tastes like beer with V8 in it...NOT my favorite!)