27 August 2009

Carrie & Adrienne are Off to DC!

When I decided to move to Washington, DC for the next few years of my life, I don't think I really thought of the fact that I would have to drive over 2500 miles to this new city on the opposite end of the country from my beloved Pacific Northwest. So as I was preparing to pack up my life and drive across this great nation, I was somehow able to convince my old college roommate, Adrienne to drive with me. So on Thursday, with my car packed to overflowing and my mom tearing up in the driveway we headed off. I will be documenting our road trip, as I will be doing with my adventures in DC for the next year or so. So I guess this is my first Washington DC entry! Here is our plan:

Thursday, August 27th: South Lake Tahoe, CA - Salt Lake City, UT
Friday, August 28th: Salt Lake City, UT - Denver, CO (we are staying two nights here with our good friend, Jyndia)
Sunday, August 30: Denver, CO - Omaha, NE
Monday, August 31: Omaha, NE - Chicago, IL
Tuesday, September 1: Chicago, IL - Pittsburgh, PA
Wednesday, September 2: Pittsburgh, PA - Washington, DC

Once we get to DC, we will pack about a week of tourist fun into 2 days before Adrienne flies out on September 5. Then I will start my program on Tuesday, September 8.

See you tomorrow.

P.S. In the interest of saving A LOT of time on my part and giving you more to look at, I will post pictures on Flickr and give you link as soon as I get them up!

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