31 August 2009

Days 3-4 :: Colorado & Nebraska

Here we are in the Cornhusker State. And let me tell you, Nebraska is not lying. We have seen rows and rows of corn on either side of the highway for the past hundred miles or so. Adrienne has taken dozens of pictures of it, which I think is a little excessive, but it is a lot of corn! The land is flat and corny (hah!), but actually pretty beautiful. We are driving parallel to the Platte River and clusters of luscious green trees dot the countryside in a way that somehow seem to break up the monotony of an extremely flat landscape. Also, the day started out a bit overcast, but as the blue sky has gradually broken through, big, puffy clouds like cotton candy have opened up ahead of us and seem to stretch on forever in this flatland. We have entertained ourselves the way we used to when we were little kids lying on our backs facing the sky on a cloudy day: by discovering swordfish and stampeding elephants and tree-houses in these mountains of cumulous nimbus.

We started out this morning around 10am from Denver, CO, after a much appreciated, 2-day break. Our good friend from Concordia, Jyndia is going to grad school for Physical Therapy near Denver, and it was Adrienne’s birthday on Saturday, so we decided to spend a day of fun in Denver before continuing on to our next stop in Bellevue, Nebraska. It was great fun and definitely a huge blessing to spend some much needed time with Jyndia, especially as I am preparing to be so far away from all of my Portland family. We spent Saturday wandering around her school (University of Colorado Health Science Center) and downtown Denver. We also went to great coffee shop called Stella’s that reminded me so much of Portland coffee shops that I felt a twinge of sadness for the wonderful life I left behind in the Pacific Northwest. That night, we made dinner and played Apples to Apples and the Friends trivia game while we drank rum and Cherry Pepsi. We took a ton of pictures (which anyone who knows Jyndia should not be surprised about!) and had so much fun just being around people who knew us the way only great friends can. Jyndia’s housemates were pretty awesome as well and it was great to have a break from driving and spend some time with such laidback and outgoing friends. Overall it was a great day and an “awesome birthday” according to Adrienne.

In other news: Adrienne is getting pretty good at driving a stick shift – a feat which, in case you didn’t know, she couldn’t really do before we started! Yay, Adrienne! And I am about to start a new Terry Tempest Williams book, which I have been excited about for the past 3 months, but not allowing myself to break into until this great adventure. Our next stop tonight crosses the Missouri River and tomorrow we get to pass the great Mississippi on our way to Chicago. We are pretty excited for the next few days – expect some pretty cool pictures of national landmarks coming.

See you tomorrow.

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