07 September 2009

Days 5-8 :: Finally in DC!

Although this post is essentially the climax of the “Carrie and Adrienne are Off to DC!” adventure, I am going to make it a little short. For one thing, I am SO excited to start telling you about the Fellows program. And secondly, I am tired...really tired.

Adrienne and I finally made it to DC on Wednesday proceeded to pack about a weeks worth of tourist fun into the two days we actually had before she left on Saturday. The first night we got here, we stayed with her high school friend who is currently getting his Master’s degree from George Washington University and lives right downtown. We were planning to go see the monuments, but ended up getting to go to a DC United (Major League Soccer, in case you didn’t know) game – and guess who they were playing?!? The Seattle Sounders! After driving across the country and landing in a city so different from anywhere on the West Coast (I will get to that later!), it was surprisingly comforting to have a little piece of the Pacific Northwest in DC. Adrienne, Collin (her friend) and I cheered loudly and proudly for Seattle, and considering the hardcore DC United fans around us, I was a little surprised we didn’t get beaten up. But in the end, Seattle was victorious so it was all worth it! Definitely the best way to spend my first night in my new home!

For the next two days, we managed to squeeze in most of the monuments, the National Portrait Gallery, the Holocaust Museum, Arlington National Cemetery, and the National Geographic Museum. It was quite a whirlwind, and each day ended with us almost passed out on our hotel beds, with aching feet.

I also have to mention that I got to reconnect with one of my friends from high school who is interning for the Smithsonian, and I am SO glad to have her here for the next few months! It will be awesome to have a reminder of home and someone who understands all my Northern California references!

Adrienne left me to fend for myself on Saturday, thus beginning Carrie’s new adventure on the East Coast!

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