30 September 2009

A Little Taste of the Fun...

I finally got around to uploading photos!!! Pictures will be more integrated into my posts as the year goes on, but for now, here's a little preview for you! You can also go to my Flickr account and see everything!

Volleyball Little League Champions
(back row L-R: Bill (the coach!), David, Steve, Pierce, Leck, Rob
front row L-R: Lauren Bleam, Elizabeth, Sabrina, Kim
not pictured: Lauren Black, Kelly, Carrie)

Dressed up for a fundraiser and taking Pierce to the prom!
(L-R: Elizabeth, Sabrina, Kim, Pierce, Carrie, Lauren Bleam)

Posing with the park ranger at Great Falls Park
(L to R: attractive park ranger, Carrie, Lauren Black, Kelly)

What happens when I leave my phone unattended
(L-R: Sabrina, Steve, David)

This is for all my Portland loves...you know who you are!

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Rachel Elizabeth said...

snuggie... ahahha!!!! that's hilarious! did you buy it????!!?! and good work with the park ranger! ;) wink wink!