08 January 2010

12 playlists

my goal for this year is to post at least once a month. and i love discovering and re-discovering music. so in collaboration, i have decided that on the last friday of every month, i will be posting a playlist of sorts. all the music i have newly fallen in love with combined with all the music that feels like my best friend into one, easy to read list. i might even go crazy and try to post it with one original picture each month. the possibilities are endless. this idea, like most of my good ones, is partially thanks to my friend with the best blog ever.

i am approaching this as a way to keep up with music that i love. even better, a way to see my world with a bit more color, a bit more light, a bit more pizazz, if you will. plus, wouldn't it be grand to look back on a playlisted year? i'd like to think so.

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