31 January 2010

22 things to do before i turn 23

after months of procrastinating, weeks of pondering, and minutes of writing. without further ado...the list is back!

1. photograph happiness more often.
2. read les misérables.
3. spread some joy in dc...portland style.
4. acquire a genuine polaroid camera.
5. travel to new york city.
6. remember how to be myself.
7. find a photobooth in dc.
8. reconnect with one old friend.
9. discover something hidden.
10. hear caleb say my name for the first time.
11. explore georgetown.
12. climb a tree like i did when i was little. maybe scrape up my knees doing it.
13. find something beautiful at a flea market.
14. celebrate the small details more often.
15. read two classics.
16. share a meal with someone who needs one.
17. make a photo book.
18. bake a pie from scratch.
19. write more letters.
20. make an awesome fort with summer.
21. listen to joni mitchell more often.
22. go to a drive-in movie.


Jyndia said...

Well, lets go to NYC together! Check! :) I love your lists! :)

Joyce said...

I love your lists too! I can help you with the pie recipe(but only if you do apple 'cause that's all I know). "Les Mis" is great and you can never listen to too much Joni Mitchell.