30 January 2010


it snowed today. it never snows in northern virgina and now it has snowed twice since i moved here. i think i brought it with me. right before i got mad at its inconvenience like i always do (being the girl from tahoe for which snow has lost all its magical appeal) i stopped and took a second look.

it was the kind of snow that is beautiful as it falls, silently and consistently. the kind that falls and doesn't melt right away, but lingers long enough for you to see the individual crystals that stick to your hair. the kind that makes the world quiet and encourages you to stay inside and drink hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows. and maybe eat some popcorn. the kind that is light and fluffy - horrible for building snowmen but perfect for snow-angels. the kind that works best if you just let it fall and enjoy it.

i liked the snow today.

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Jyndia said...

LOVE IT!!! Please write more often, you have such a way with words...