26 February 2010

february. the snow playlist.

february was a tough month. lots of snow. lots of missing portland. lots of trying to figure out what god still has up his sleeve.

but also, lots of snow angels. lots of steaming soup. lots of celebrating the details. lots of dancing. and lots of grace.

1. the predatory wasp of the palisades is out to get us! - sufjan stevens (for when the snow won't stop falling)

2. keep breathing - ingrid michaelson (for when i am overwhelmed)

3. light and day - the polyphonic spree (for when beer tastes infinitely better after shoveling so much freaking snow)

4. two weeks - grizzly bear (for the dances in my head)

sunshine - matt costa (for when i lament the day carl, the snowman, melts)

6. green grass of tunnel - múm (for when i am steeped in uncertainty)

7. the cave - mumford and sons (for the tiny slice of sunlight in between the storm clouds)

8. crayon - caribou (for when i need color)

9. 3055 - Ólafur Arnalds (for when i am steeped in loneliness)

10. always like this - bombay bicycle club (for when only dancing will make things better)

25 February 2010

your story...the short version

i found this little gem of a website today. every little short-short memoir i read was endearing and captivating in its own way - after all, at 400 words or less, how could they not hold your attention? my favorite part about these little nuggets of life? i think the creator can probably say it best herself:

"the fact that every true story can be told about a thousand ways. life is gigantic. what's important, moving, or explanatory enough to make the short version?"

needless to say, i gently recommend/forcibly insist you go take a look. and give it a try yourself. she's always taking contributions.

18 February 2010

the tabard inn

today i went to the tabard inn restaurant. when i asked for a straw they brought it to me on a plate. is this what growing up looks like?

01 February 2010

january playlist.

1. how the day sounds - greg laswell (for the new year)

2. you can close your eyes - james taylor (for when i miss my hometown)

3. about today - the national (for when i need to get lost)

4. service bell - grizzly bear (for when i am steeped in the mundane)

5. re:stacks - bon iver (for when i am steeped in melancholy)

6. butterfly - mason jennings (for when the plane lands in portland)

7. marching bands of manhattan - death cab for cutie (for leaving portland)

8. take a minute - k'naan (for when i need perspective)

9. from the morning - nick drake (for when i need air)

10. flightless bird, american mouth - iron and wine (for daydreaming)

11. there is a light that never goes out - the smiths (for brilliant british 80s rock)