01 February 2010

january playlist.

1. how the day sounds - greg laswell (for the new year)

2. you can close your eyes - james taylor (for when i miss my hometown)

3. about today - the national (for when i need to get lost)

4. service bell - grizzly bear (for when i am steeped in the mundane)

5. re:stacks - bon iver (for when i am steeped in melancholy)

6. butterfly - mason jennings (for when the plane lands in portland)

7. marching bands of manhattan - death cab for cutie (for leaving portland)

8. take a minute - k'naan (for when i need perspective)

9. from the morning - nick drake (for when i need air)

10. flightless bird, american mouth - iron and wine (for daydreaming)

11. there is a light that never goes out - the smiths (for brilliant british 80s rock)


maryleighcarter said...

Oooh, thanks for passing along this great music! I'm going to make it as my "Carrie Playlist". My favorite song is Butterfly because it means you are here in Portland with me. I miss you!!!

Becca said...

Carrie! I felt so close to you as I listened to all these songs! You have a beautiful heart that is always searching for ways to be better. I'm so in awe of your life and perseverance!