25 February 2010

your story...the short version

i found this little gem of a website today. every little short-short memoir i read was endearing and captivating in its own way - after all, at 400 words or less, how could they not hold your attention? my favorite part about these little nuggets of life? i think the creator can probably say it best herself:

"the fact that every true story can be told about a thousand ways. life is gigantic. what's important, moving, or explanatory enough to make the short version?"

needless to say, i gently recommend/forcibly insist you go take a look. and give it a try yourself. she's always taking contributions.


Jyndia said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! I think YOU should submit some thing to this website! I think its right up your alley! I look forward to reading more samples of 400 words from this site (I bookmarked it-as I am currently supposed to be researching my patient care seminar project :). Love you girl!

Becca said...

I second what Jyndia said! You should submit something. Do a compare and contrast of Washington D.C. to Portland :) But in your own unique, Carrie-fashion of writing!