01 April 2010


the snow of february gave in to rain. lots of rain. then all of sudden. the sun broke through and the trees exploded with cherry blossoms.

march was like that in more ways than one. waiting for sun. waiting for new life. then all of a sudden. here it is.

hello spring. I'm so delighted you have arrived.

1. lake michigan - rogue wave (for quite possibly being the
best song I've seen live)

2. comes and goes (in waves) - greg laswell (for when the
rain won't stop)

3. blue skies - noah and the whale (for when I am steeped
in loneliness)

4. everything's not lost - coldplay (for
seeing the light at the end of the tunnel)

5. in other words - ben kweller (for
stepping out from under the haze)

6. ocean breathes salty- modest mouse (for bare branches
that turn into cherry blossoms)

7. a kick in the teeth - fischerspooner
(for when things need to be loud)

8. eyes - rogue wave (for when things need to be quiet)

9. you never know - wilco (for road trips)

10. party in the usa - miley cyrus (for
sabrina. and only because she ran 100 miles)

11. lisztomania - phoenix (for when I know spring has
officially sprung)


bleamer said...

Carrie! you are a brilliant photographer!! you need to take pictures more often, I told you you were creative :)

Jyndia said...

Again- brilliant playlist! I especially like that you included comes and goes, blue skies, and in other words... love all the songs, but those ones grabbed my heart :) Thanks again for taking me on a 31 day journey with you through music!