11 May 2010

april. hip to the hop.

this month was in a word, fresh. the sun was shining like crazy. and thanks, in large part to the lovely stephen michael metzger, my inner hip-hop nerd came out in full-force. maybe you've never met her. most people haven't. I keep her hidden most of the time, because let's be honest, she can't handle some of the stuff that's on the radio today.

but then, thanks (as usual) to my friend with the best blog ever I found this boombastic guy, and all of a sudden, my world was swirling with lyrics on top of beats so beautiful I almost couldn't function. and all of a sudden, this girl who has been gone for so long came back. and she peeks out so rarely, I thought I would give her an entire month to work with. plus, the earth is turning green again which always puts her a bit more at ease. so in honor of steve, and in great appreciation of warm weather: carrie's quintessential hip-hop playlist.

1. from the outside - deepspace 5 (for when I need fresh air)

2. love - mos def (for when I need light)

3. go ahead in the rain - a tribe called quest (for when the possibilities are endless)

4. know this - the remnant (for when everything seems wrong)

5. feel that way - gift of gab (for when everything seems right)

6. blazing arrow - blackalicious (for when I miss the town I grew up in)

7. will not be sold - poems and dust (for when I am full of uncertainty)

8. eye know - de la soul (for when I am full of joy)

9. the seed (2.0) - the roots (for when I can't help but dance)

10. everything is everything - lauryn hill (for when I can't help but wonder)

11. take a minute - k'naan (for when I need perspective)

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