18 May 2010

things i've broken

(idea thanks to this lovely little listing site)

1. the chain on my favorite circle necklace. given to me by my favorite adriana.
2. way too many promises than I'd care to admit.
3. my wrist. in fourth grade. while recklessly racing around Lookout Point Circle on my bicycle.
4. my other wrist. in sixth grade. while skiing down West Bowl and almost being run over by a snowboarder. his board went over my skis. so lucky it was only a wrist.
5. my heart.
6. two nalgene bottles. they say they are indestructible. not true.
7. the one remaining porcelain teacup from my childhood tea set. it had pretty pink roses on it. it survived a fire. but not my fumbling hands.
8. my mom's favorite christmas ornament when I was nine. we got in a fight. I was mad. so I threw it.
9. 4 phones, 3 iPods, and a computer. sometimes technology and i don't get along too well.
10. trust. and faith a few times too.
11. my favorite little mirror from my dress-up days. I was convinced I would have bad-luck for 7 long years. lots of tears were shed.
12. countless fortune cookies. probably one of the only things I really like to break apart.


Jyndia said...

i really like this list... very fun and creative!

maryleighcarter said...

in the past 3 months I've broken my wrist, my car and my new camera... I feel like a walking disaster!

Angela said...

I like that you listed things you've broken. I've broken a lot of stuff. You're such a good writer Carrie!