22 June 2010

peace out.

this week. well, this week has been one for the books. more on that later but for now here's a nice little list to straighten things out a bit.

peaceful moments for a week like this one:

1. laying in the grass. drifting in and out of sleep as the sun shines on my face. letting go of all my fear of uv rays and knowing that vitamin d is a beautiful thing. it's true and you know it.

2. water. in any form, really. sitting by a big body of it. drinking it. watching it fall. water is just pretty great.

3. being hugged by rachel, my peter pan soulmate.

4. being hugged by becca, my never-been-kissed soulmate. she may have a husband who kisses her all the time now. it doesn't matter. she's still my soulmate.

5. drinking a soy white chocolate mocha at my favorite portland coffee house. I'm telling you. if heaven has a signature drink, this is it.

6. listening to erik satie's gymnopédies. especially no. 1. utterly beautiful. in the way that something can be so stunning you almost can't function.

7. reading the history of love for what seems like the hundredth time. and still loving it just as much.

8. listening to a really great episode of this american life. like this one. or this one. or especially this one.

9. daffodils in a mason jar in my room.

10. walking. slowly and without destination. taking it all in.

11. talking to mindy on the phone. just hearing her voice calms me down.

12. praying like I mean it. and finally learning to trust that God is good. all the time.

08 June 2010


okay. I know this is late. terribly terribly late. but may was such a crazy month, especially the last part. visiting with good friends. finishing up with fellows. vacationing on the coast. touristing with the parents. so many great things to be thankful for.

and now it's time to be an adult. suddenly, I am worrying about bills and health insurance and everything in between. and all I can keep thinking is when did I decide to grow up? I don't remember ever agreeing to this.

1. to be young (is to be sad, is to be high) - ryan adams (for when growing up seems to be suddenly upon me)
*this is an amazing recording but the first few minutes are talking. skip to 2:50 and enjoy.

2. the world at large - modest mouse (for feeling the current of the atlantic ocean pull at my feet like gravity)

3. roll on - dntel (for when everything is changing)

4. sweet thing - van morrison (for the bittersweet end)

5. 32 flavors - ani difranco (for when I feel like a poster girl with no poster)

6. goods (all in your head) - mates of state (for dancing with unadulterated and purely joyful abandon)

7. say hello - rosie thomas (for the sweetness of smiling)

8. airplanes - local natives (for remembering what I love. and loving it even more.)

9. her morning elegance - oren lavie (for waking up to sunlight and the smell of blueberry waffles)

10. jacksonville - sufjan stevens (for driving with the windows down and the wind rushing up my arm and down my neck. summer has officially arrived.)