08 August 2010


so much happened this month. new jobs. new roommates. new everything. but then I went to montana for this spunky girl's wedding and I was reminded of one thing that remains constant. when everything around me is spinning, it is this small group of people who always give me peace. they bring me back to myself. they remind me that I am loved and they remind me who I am. it sounds terrifically cliché. but if you can't be cliché with people who are more like soul mates than friends when can you be?

so in a time when I don't know which way is up. here is a list dedicated to the one weekend in august that helped everything make sense again.

1. yankee bayonet (I will be home then) - the decemberists (for the pangs of melancholy watching hellos and goodbyes at the airport)

2. sprawl II (mountains beyond mountains) - arcade fire (for the relief of getting out of the sprawl and into that fresh mountain air)

3. passenger seat - death cab for cutie (for the peace of driving through the night and being able to see the stars)

4. fresh feeling - the eels (for the love that is josh and angela)

5. sweet disposition - the temper trap (for the pure sense of elation and possibility of driving with the windows down)

6. the perpetual self, or "what would saul alinsky do?" - sufjan stevens (for the unbridled joy of jumping on hotel beds)

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