01 August 2010


july was a sprint. so much change stuffed into 31 short days, with what feels like a completely new life spilling over the edges. now summer is fading away and I am running on empty. I am a bit overwhelmed and a bit shell-shocked. but I am full of joy. and I am grateful that God's plan always blows my own out of the water. and I am surprisingly peaceful. because, of everything that happened in july, the best part was learning how to make peace with all the things I can't control.

1. the district sleeps alone tonight - the postal service (for making peace with staying right where I am)

2. high and dry - radiohead (for making peace with being left)

3. song for myla goldberg - the decemberists (for making peace with growing up - but not feeling grown up.

4. bombs bombs away - the sounds (for making peace with being overwhelmed so much of the time)

5. road to joy - bright eyes (for making peace with my complete lack of control)

6. raksit leila - mashrou' leila (for making peace with feeling lost in translation)

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