23 September 2010


I feel like painting my desk.
but I cannot choose a color.
I am too indecisive and too noncommittal.
what does this say about me?
I am a little worried that my inability to choose a paint color is just the beginning.

I need to make a decision.
I need to paint my desk.

oh dear.

14 September 2010

the metro.

for a girl from the west who only rode public transportation when she was headed to saturday market and didn't want to drive over the fremont bridge, riding DC's underground transit system was an exciting prospect when I first moved to the city. now I ride the metro to work everyday. sounds fun, right? yeah, not always.

my roommate just showed me this video, which is becoming quite popular on youTube at the moment. so for all my friends out west (the 5 that read this, at least) who want to know what the metro is like, please watch this. it is terribly funny. and also totally true. every word. I promise.

also, if you combine this video with a post I wrote back when I first moved here you will get a pretty accurate picture of my life as of late. just make sure you add point #7 - working 10 hour days does not make you a workaholic - it makes you normal.