03 November 2010

houston we have a problem.

it is 11:41 in houston, texas. which means although I would have missed my daily blogging deadline if I were an hour ahead in dc, I still have 19 minutes here. so in honor of the 19 (well, now 17) minutes left here is what my day has consisted of (and what many days in the coming months will consist of - with a few changes in location, of course):

7:00 am - flight out of national at 7:00am (which meant airport arrival of 6:00. which meant metro arrival at 5:15.)
8:30 am - land in charlotte, nc at 8:30. walk by awesome white rocking chairs on my way to next flight (completely forfeiting actual breakfast)
11:11 am - land in houston, tx. drink pumpkin spice soy latte and answer work emails while waiting for coworkers to arrive and 1:12.
1:30 pm - pick up rental car. get lost on the way back to terminal. get lost on the way to hotel.
2:00 pm - check in at hotel. go directly to lunch - making my first meal at 2:30 pm.
3:30 pm - run back to hotel. throw on gray dress, black cardigan, and (to my horror) black nylons. grab heels but refuse to put them on until absolutely necessary.
4:15 pm - arrive at venue. set up registration table/book table. give instructions to catering people/audio people/myself. rest for five minutes in the calm before the storm.
6:00 pm - check in and meet 110 people. spend no time lamenting the fact that I do not get to touch the wine and fancy hors d'oeuvres I excitedly picked two weeks ago.
7:00 pm - listen to tidbits of the most amazing speaker and scholar of dietrich bonhoeffer (and chief author of veggie tales) I have ever heard.
8:30 pm - try to keep breathing while selling books, organizing an author signing, managing new membership sign-ups, and wrangling one president, three hosts and one speaker.
10:30 pm - impromptu (but somehow mandatory) dinner. actively forgoing my "no food after 8 pm" rule - with mexican food.
11:37 - arrive back at hotel. bust out a blog.

on the plus side, I successfully planned and executed an event with 113 people and raised over $1000 dollars.

on the plus side, I get to fly back to dc tomorrow.

on the plus side, I am getting this blog done at 11:58 pm. mission accomplished.

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Jyndia said...

I am so excited you are going to be blogging every day too! Its going to be a challenge for sure... let me know if you find some inspiration that can be shared :) I miss you love!