02 November 2010

it's hard to do

here's the thing: community is hard. it combines all the things we are bad at – all the things that don’t come naturally – and it forces us to try those things out. vulnerability. trust. honesty. lack of judgment. accountability. all these words I say that I want to practice, but when it comes down to it – well, it’s just really freaking hard. and it’s so much work. if I could have anything it would be a small group of friends who are fiercely committed to practicing authentic community together. but then again. that takes a whole lot of effort.

here’s another thing: this place is notoriously bad at community. we have networks. we have business lunches that we plan four weeks in advance. we know lots of people. but not in a way that translates into actually living life with one another. we work tirelessly to make the world a better place, but sometimes we forget to stop working and actually spend unadulterated time making each other better too.

here’s one more thing: community is absolutely necessary. without it we go through life having no idea who we are. having no idea who God is. because let’s face it – everything we have that is good is simply a reflection of the gospel. the love we have for one another reflects the love of a creator who made us perfect and still loves us after we have messed ourselves up. the promises and business deals we hold one another accountable to reflect an absolutely perfect covenant that we often fail to meet but that God never does. and the community we practice (however imperfectly) reflects – in the smallest way – the perfect community we will one day have with him again.

so to recap: community is seriously hard. this place is notoriously bad at community. community is absolutely necessary. how is this supposed to work? I learn how to find community with my creator first. I learn to see others (and myself) through his eyes. I learn to love what he loves. I learn to force myself to rest in him (paradox?) when I am lonely. or self-conscious. or doubting. I practice peace and patience. and I learn how to be present in every scene of my life, remembering that it is only by his grace that I am able to live it. and then I live.

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Jyndia said...

Beautifully written and scripted... I agree 100% and am with you, it is hard, we are notoriously BAD at community, but there is nothing we desire more. Thanks for putting all those things into words. Love you