05 November 2010


joshua 2; hebrews 11; matthew 1

in my faithfulness, God is beginning to teach me how faithful he is. he is faithful to use me despite my circumstances, my mistakes, and my lack of understanding. he does not need me and yet he uses my weakness to affect the world. he chooses me for the same reason he chose the israelites; not because they were particularly strong or smart or great, but simply because through them (and me), he is able to reveal his glory and his love for a broken world. (in fact, the israelites were slaves who were broken and beaten and weak.) it is not my qualifications or skills or talents that earn me the right to be used by him…it is simply the faithfulness I am able to have by his grace. just as rahab was rewarded for her faith, so God will rejoice in my broken, messed-up life calling out to him. rahab was the lowest of the low. she was a woman, she was canaanite, and she was a prostitute. but she was faithful despite her status and God not only rescued her when the wall of jericho fell, he rejoiced in her. he celebrated her life as part of the genealogy of king david, and later, jesus. he rejoiced in her faithfulness in hebrews 11 when it talks of the most faithful people unto God.

I am learning the magnitude of what it means to love a God who allows me to co-author the story of creation with him. the God of heaven, creator of the universe, allows me to stumble alongside him and change the world. he walks beside me and he carries me when I am weak…all so I have the chance to be a pivotal part of his plan for the world. through my faith that seems so insignificant in the scheme of the world, he does amazing, awesome things.

I will step out beyond what I can see and I will believe that he will use me in some ridiculous, miraculous way.

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Bobbi said...

I love this blog post, Carrie! A true inspiration! I am going to try and live my life with such truths. :)