01 November 2010

october. apple picking playlist.

this time last year I was frantically trying to keep pace with my second month in DC and completely forgot to notice how awesome fall on the east coast is. but not this year. this year I am drinking pumpkin spice lattes and hiking through fallen leaves and carving pumpkins and eating butternut squash soup like it is going out of style. this year I am going to rejoice in the best season of all the seasons, in, what very well could be, the best month of all the months. and I am going to construct my perfect apple picking (among other fall festivities) playlist. october is tragically under rated.

(also, the theme over at nablopomo for november is...nothing! this lack of theme means that I might actually have a shot at posting once a day for a full month. here's hoping.)

1. myriad harbour - the new pornographers (for when things need to be loud)

2. vito's ordination song - sufjan stevens (for when things need to be quiet)

3. brother sport - animal collective (for when I am steeped in wonder)

4. portland is leaving - rocky votolato (for when I am steeped in melancholy)

5. one of these things first - nick drake (for tree climbing)

6. heartbeats - josé gonzález (for leaves falling and crunching)

7. changing colours - great lake swimmers (for when everything is changing)

8. service bell - grizzly bear and feist (for when everything is staying the same)

9. always like this - bombay bicycle club (for traveling)

10. all my days - alexi murdoch (for staying home)

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