16 November 2010

silver and gold

what fun it is to have best friends who come and visit. what fun it is to make wonderful, genuine, amazingly cool new friends. what fun it is to see this city with fresh eyes and a much more positive attitude. what fun it is to laugh and talk and pray and peacefully sit with people who do not need more than for you to just be here now.

this weekend was full of:

eating lunch on the steps of the portrait gallery.

seeing old things with new eyes. I think this may be my new lunch spot.

exploring secret passage ways at the national cathedral.

wondering what is at the top of all those stairs.

eating cupcakes next to a hot pink bicycle.

taking illegal pictures. the whirring of the sx-70 is so not conducive to my picture thievery.

sitting on the floor of bartleby's reading vintage children's books.

1 comment:

Rachel Elizabeth said...

I LOVE IT!!! it was an amazing weekend! and i'm glad that it was a blessing to you. it certainly was for me! I LOVE YOU CARRIE!

and these are amazing polaroids!