13 December 2010


way back at the very beginning of november, when the lovely miss rachel was here, we saw jónsi at 930 club. and let me tell you, it was just so beautiful - in the way that art is beautiful. (exhibit a. and if you really want to know, exhibit b.)

and that's the thing about (good) concerts. how they are art being formed right in front of your eyes. how the people playing really love what they do and make you love it too. how you share in one common experience - how you sweat and breathe and love a simple little piece of music with hundreds of people and then walk away, without a word ever being said. and how after the show, when your feet are sore and your back aches from standing on concrete for three hours, it's okay. because it was totally worth it.

I don't have a bucket list currently. but if I did, rest assured that I would be going to a lot of concerts. below you'll find a partial list of who would be on it. in no particular order:

1. sufjan stevens (because every time he opens his mouth I melt into a puddle of delirious joy. and also because, let's face it, he is beautiful and I would marry him in a heartbeat.)

2. andrew bird (because I will always wish that I could whistle like him. or at all.)

3. mos def and kweli (because I was too young to appreciate them when they were black star)

4. grizzly bear (because I love that piano melody. and his voice.)

5. gogol bordello (because how weird and awesome would that be?!?)

6. radiohead (because I think I would like to see what a musical genius looks like)

7. the decemberists (because they just tell the best stories)

8. ani difranco (because she is the embodiment of girl power. and I am all about girl power.)

9. mates of state (because everything about them makes me smile)

10. bon iver (because his words feed my soul like water)