15 January 2011


the last playlist of the year. I can't believe I actually made it. barely. and late every time. but it feels good to finish something. 2010 has been one for the books. and I can't help but wonder - what's next?

1. home - edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros (for book-ending 2010 in my favorite place.)

2. symphonies - dan black (for when I am steeped in my uncertainty.)

3. dog days - florence and the machine (for making peace with where I am right now. at this moment.)

4. silver coin - angus and julia stone (for when things need to be quiet.)

5. tighten up - the black keys (for when things need to be loud.)

6. the greatest - cat power (for getting me through a year of changing expectations. and helping me let them go.)

7. we no speak americano - yolanda be cool (for when I am lost in translation. and for when I think it would be freaking awesome to be able to do that with my hands.)

8. blue ridge mountains - fleet foxes (for restless wandering and always wondering.)

9. joy to the world - sufjan stevens (for a new take on my favorite. and because he has been on every other playlist this year.)

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