26 January 2011


today was a hard day. sometimes I get tired of pretending to be a grown-up; of dealing things way beyond what I think I can handle; of trying so hard but feeling so stagnant. and there was a blizzard coming. the metro was packed. everyone was wet and grumpy. cars were stranded all over the streets. how inconvenient and annoying.

then my friends came over and made me play in the snow and remind myself where I come from and why I love snowstorms. the snowflakes that fall and land on the trees and the ground and muffle all the sounds of an otherwise chaotic world. the blanket of ice crystals that somehow make things feel a little bit warmer. the sound of boots crunching through powder and trees creaking under the weight of precipitation. the snowflakes that catch on my eyelashes just for a moment until I blink and they continue their little journey to the ground.

and I was reminded that the world is beautiful. and good. and not always as serious as I make it out to be. it is messy and complicated, for sure. but it's also pretty great.

plus, I have awesome friends.


Jyndia said...

Thanks for the refreshing view from a child's eyes :) Love you sweetie!

Becca Dressler said...

I always say this, but you're such a beautiful writer. Please write a book. Soon.

I love you!