02 June 2011

things are changing a bit!

lately I've been thinking a lot about focus. my life seems so disjointed so much of the time. I run from place to place. friend to friend. moment to moment. but according to dr. clifton, I just can't function without some level of connectivity. I need continuity. I thrive knowing that "we are not isolated from one another or from the earth and the life on it." I see everything in relation to something else. I find meaning through connection.

I've also been thinking about focus in terms of this blog. I feel as though I need a more distinct purpose for it. a reason to write even if it's just for me to read. I am not particularly good at do-it-yourself crafts or around-the-house projects. I barely have time to eat, let alone cook and write about it. I am not yet brave enough to share the copious amounts of stories and poems I have written.

but I notice the little things. the little details that we miss if we don't look carefully. the insignificant moments that are not so insignificant.

the way a book or short-story or poem can bring us back to memory or even to new life. the beauty of words strung together like twinkly lights strung around a room ready for christmas. simple words that paint an image so complex and real in our mind. the single sentence in a book. the single repeated word.

the way a silly little piece of music can convey so much life - for better or worse. the melody that reminds us what it is like to grieve, to hope, to love, to grow. the sound of a song that brings us back to specific memories in such a real way we could swear it just happened yesterday. the live show that is a moving work of art - less permanent than a painting, but never to be removed from our experience with it. the way a song makes you feel everything around you more distinctly and deeply.

the unnoticed gesture of kindness. the unseen movement of character. the forgotten tree. the lonely fountain. the afterthought. these are the details I love. the details I thrive off of.

joan didion talks about "the ordinary instant" and how it is not so ordinary. for her, the ordinary instant changed everything. for her, the ordinary instant ended a life. for all of us, the ordinary instants are all the details. the ones we overlook in our busyness to reach our goals. to progress.

so in an effort to focus, here is what I will focus on in this little corner I have claimed for my own. the details. the little things that inspire me. the ordinary instants. as anne michaels says, the "gaping life" that is poised in the casual moments. I will observe. I will notice. and I will share it with you. and I would love it if you wanted to share a bit with me too.


Jacqueline said...

i'm excited to read about these details. :) also, i love the photo you chose!

Bobbi said...

You are such a great writer, Carrier! I can't wait to read more! :)

joyce said...

Wanted to share an "ordinary moment" which I remembered today...actually a memory of you...

I was piling up the things you left for me to send to you and I came across "Mirette on the High Wire"...

When you were in first grade, your teacher (Mrs.Ware) read this book to you. You loved it so much that she let you take home the audio cassette to listen to. That night, you asked to listen to it in the bath tub with all the lights off. So, I lit a candle and brought in your little pink boom box and played it for you. When it was over, you called me to play it again, over and over until the bubbles were gone and the water was cold. For your birthday that year, Aunt Kathy sent the book because I told her how much you loved it.

I know this isn't exactly what you wrote about sharing in your blog but it was a memory I wanted to share in case you didn't remember it. Love you, Mom

Jyndia said...

Love it Carrie girl! I love when you say "the insignificant moments that are not so insignificant." LOVE IT! Seriously. No really, seriously! Cant wait to see where you go from here!