13 August 2011

24 before 25

here it is, friends. I am starting early (or on time?) this year so I really have no excuse not to get all of this done. no excuse at all.

1. make the the red velvet cake. made famous by this lovely one. (here.)

2. throw a party with a super epic theme. suggestions now welcome.

3. learn how to be content in my own skin. try to stop second-guessing myself.

4. learn italian. at least a little bit. (done. by necessity.)

5. create my perfect christmas playlist. (I was pretty excited about this one.)

6. travel somewhere I have never been. (done! most exceedingly done!)

7. become an expert polaroid shooter.

8. weekend trips on the train. (here. but more forthcoming.)

9. acquire a genuine record player. (huzzah! needle is fixed now too.)

10. go for more walks in search of swing sets.

11. celebrate the unexpected. remember to be grateful. (in progress.)

12. make more lists. as if that was a necessary item to add.

13. read more books by collum mccann.

14. write more short stories. share at least one with someone. try not to be embarrassed.

15. have a guerilla art adventure.

16. take a yoga class. remember to breathe.

17. talk to grandma nancy about her childhood. also her marinara sauce recipe. (must be moved to the next list.)

18. go to a drive-in movie. (but I did find out there is one in nashville. on the next list!)

19. understand the words "the joy of the Lord is my strength." get a firm grip on that concept. (here.)

20. read les misérables. the unabridged version.

21. rediscover my love for puzzles. yes, jigasw puzzles.

22. create a photo book. give said photo book to someone I love.

23. write a poem.

24. stretch more often. (thanks to that pesky physical therapist.)


Ginny said...

please accept my application to serve as your short story reviewer :-)

andrea said...


Jyndia said...

I would say you are further on this list then documented! See # 4 and 6! I love your lists Carrie!! Inspiring to do the things you love :) Miss you!