24 September 2011

day off.

after almost a full year of planning, the big event is complete and I feel equally accomplished and exhausted. months of negotiating venue and catering and other important contracts. weeks of debating details like what kind of font to use on the program and how to assign tables while being aware of who needs to sit with whom...and who cannot sit with whom. and now I am tired. but if I ever get married, I will know exactly what to do. and if there were awards for excel formula building and delicately written emails to people with fragile egos I am pretty sure I would beat all the competition.

but this weekend was to rest. to sleep and heal my immune system that has been ravaged by stress and lack of sleep and existing almost entirely on dried cranberries and almonds.

friday was a day off and you know what I did? I taught myself how to poach an egg. I have always wanted to learn how to poach an egg. and I cleaned my room and wrote letters and watched a wonderful little movie in the middle of the afternoon. it was raining outside and I drank mt. hood vanilla and pretended I was in portland. I had the house to myself and I listened to quiet music and I even took a nap.

and then saturday came and you know what I did? I rested some more. I did not rush. I met a beautiful friend for coffee and she asked me how I was doing and really wanted to know. so I told her. and we talked. about what it's like to be yourself and trust in timing that is impeccable but so not what you would expect. and it was exquisite. and then I went to the movies all by myself. which, if you really want to know, is one of the best treats you can give yourself. and watched another wonderful little movie. and it made me feel melancholy in a good kind of way. in the way that also lets you feel hopeful at the same time. and then I did groceries and made dinner and went on a walk with my roommate. and we talked more.

and now tomorrow is sunday and for all intents and purposes my week is beginning. but for two days I did nothing of consequence. I did only what I wanted to do. and I think I am ready to take on this week. I think.

here are some photos from the big event. I didn't take any of them. but I did plan the whole thing. so I think I deserve to use them. all credit goes to this amazing lady.

{your eyes do not deceive. that really is isaac slade, lead singer of the fray.}


MW said...

So proud of you for finishing the big event, Carrie! I love that our kettle and blue pot made it on your blog, and that you mentioned our lovely walk. :) Love, Maria

Jacqueline said...

black, white, and red!! your event looks GREAT!!!