27 January 2012

currently loving.

this list is wholly inspired by that great friend that I get so many good ideas from. in the midst of a million things going on in my head and a thousand decisions to be made there have also been so many little things that have made me recognize all that is true and good and beautiful.

in no particular order, all the things I am currently loving in january.

1. polaroid blue skies. they don't come around too often these days.

2. the work and ideas of kinfolk.

3. tulips. especially in the midst of cold that bites through your skin and settles in your bones.

4. that canon ae-1. I think I am in love.

5. nablopomo.

6. the poetry of czeslaw milosz.

7. blank canvas experiments.

8. planning an italian adventure.

9. keeping the christmas playlist around for just a bit longer.

10. fixing the record player. finally.

11. photographing things. or not photographing things.

12. degas dancers at the phillips collection.

13. rediscovering what I am passionate about.

14. instagram.

15. laughing when things are so out of control it's ridiculous.

16. getting to know great street art. like hense.

17. les misérables. well now I am loving that I finally finished it. totally worth the time people. totally.

18. strong black tea and vanilla soy milk.

19. music from m83. and I break horses. and gotye. and definitely bon iver. always bon iver.


Gaby said...

couldn't agree with you more on your last point, and i'm so happy because next week i get to see m83 and then in march i'm going to see bon iver, yay!

andrea said...

carrie! I love this! I love love love this. xoxo

andrea said...

and I'm honored (and humbled) to have inspired such a list. xo