22 January 2012

bon iver. again.

hello iceland. you are beautiful.

I know he is all the rage right now. and that you've probably gotten sick of hearing about him from me in one way or another. or another. but he is the one I always come back to when I don't know where else to go. when I need to be reminded of lots of things about myself. reminded to embrace uncertainty. and vulnerability. and even sometimes melancholy. and in this cold, dreary weather, he reminds me of summer concerts with beautiful friends. concerts that made me just really happy to be alive. I know that sounds a bit extreme. after all, he just makes silly music. but I'm not even exaggerating. I promise. silly music like this feeds my soul and makes me happy to be alive. plus, how cute is that kid?

in other news, come back tomorrow for the week of lists. oh, how I love a good list.

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