26 January 2012

in the bag.

when I was 6 the contents of my tiny disney princess purse were all the things a little girl thinking she is an adult needs. my little pony wallet. dr. pepper bonne bell. and on sundays, the precious moments bible.

now I am 24 and the bag is bigger. quite a bit bigger. now I live in a place where I spend well over an hour on public transportation everyday. and I am always moving from one thing to the next. and that one bag carries around all the elements of my everyday, ordinary life. sometimes I wish I still had that disney princess purse though.

things in my bag on any given day:

bible - I'll admit, the precious moments one had better pictures.

a diary of private prayer - the way he prays is absolutely magnificent. a game-changer, really.

book of the week - granted, I've been reading Les Mis for quite a few.

camera - because I really like to take pictures. and I'm still working on that pesky courage thing.

notebook - because one must always be ready when the urge to play "harriet the spy" strikes.

metro card - that thing is like gold. gold, I tell you.

ipod - how else am I going to drown out the deafening silence of my commute?

planner - yes, I know there is also one on my phone. but I just really love writing things down.

cherry chapsitck - the grown-up equivalent to bonne bell. although not as cool as dr. pepper flavor.

phone - we all say it's for emergencies, but let's be honest, it's for everything else too.

wallet - it has a lot more stuff than the my little pony wallet. but not much more money.

keys - because I occasionally need to get somewhere.

various writing utensils - always more than one. always a multitude colors. please do not ask me why.

gloves - fingerless is important. because I have lots of things with pages that need to be turned.

what's in your bag?

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for.the.kids said...

you are like the coolest person i know.