03 January 2012

is this cheating?

how is it that a girl who owns five (now six if you scroll to the bottom of this post) cameras has actually fallen in love with the one on her phone and a little instagram app? quite concerning, really.

nevertheless. here's what happened in december.

christmas party bonfires.

dance party after-parties with my favorites. (see the one who writes such wonderful words.)

joyful reunions over wine and good stories. (see the international traveler and the brilliant foodie.)

morning walks to the office. again and again.

home. sweet home.

apple hill and sweet memories of apple picking and tree climbing.

evening walks in dc.

and the one that will change everything. (scans on the way, people. on the way.)


Leah Flores said...

I love love love taking pictures. Glad you found such a wonderful, creative outlet. It's a blast!

Jacqueline said...

thanks for your sweet mention! i know, with my new iphone, i am ALL about iphone pics and instagram!! it really does take such beautiful photos! love these pictures :)