24 January 2012

photos I did not take.

I am not yet very brave when it comes to taking pictures throughout my day. I'm working on it but I have not mastered the art of boldly snapping away in the midst of strangers and the great unknown. but I still see all of it. and thanks to this genius of a blog, I remember to remember it. to catalog it in my mind and recount it with words.

a few photos I did not take today.

1. people running - always running - to catch the train. bursting through the ticket gates. bounding up the escalator. only to see that the train that is arriving is, in fact, going in the opposite direction.

2. sleeping. vacant stares. daily newspapers masking a tired face. waking up takes a while I suppose.

3. a homeless man alone in the courtyard with the fountain that has dried up in the winter cold. sitting on a tattered and filthy green throw pillow. throwing pieces of bread for the pigeons that are not there. he has such a large supply, breaking off piece after piece and throwing them in and around the fountain. the birds still don't appear.

4. the big red open-top dc tour bus. faithfully arriving at the same time twice every hour. with not a single thing on that top row of seats. except plastic seat covers flapping in the wind.

5. the "regulars." people who have become friends just by virtue of time and place. the daily newspaper man who tries to hand me a morning examiner every morning without fail although I have yet to accept one. the homeless man who is always in the same place and always smiles at me in a fatherly sort of way while telling me to "keep warm out there" or "remember to smile." the morning security officer who faithfully confuses my name with someone else's and continues talking to me even as the elevator doors are closing. the bank teller behind her glass. the train station manager in his booth. I like that we have created a sort of friendship through these shared bits of life.

6. rushing and rushing and rushing. to wait and wait and wait. to order lunch. for the metro. at the grocery store. rushing and waiting. always the same.

7. budget spreadsheet after budget spreadsheet. my mind slowly turning into mush. I'm actually okay without a picture documenting this.

8. an awkward side hug and glances out of the corner of the eye. it seems as though someone paired a first date with a lunch date. on a tuesday. this seems ill-planned to me.

9. lovely friends gathered around wine and cheese and chocolate covered raisins. gleefully watching quite a silly show. we mostly groan and mock but secretly love all the grand romantic gestures. the foundation of genuine community around something so ridiculous astounds and delights me.

10. teenagers walking by the house on their way from cvs. two boys and one girl in the middle. carrying mountain dew and joking about something I cannot hear. isn't this supposed to be a school night? and who even drinks mountain dew anymore? these questions lead to an even bigger one - when did I get so old?

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I love seeing the world through your eyes