30 January 2012

remnants of home.

finally finally! I have framed and hung those lovely photos from that lovely lady!

she is the one who inspires me to take photos when I feel silly. and write moments down as they are happening (usually in list form). she inspires me to change my perspective. and notice the details. she inspires me to be thankful for every single moment of every single day. and she was the one who first inspired me to blog. you will see shadows of her influence all over this little site. because her ideas are ones that sneak in the back door and wedge themselves in my head until I just have to try them out for myself.

and now those photos get to inspire me everyday as I walk past them and out my front door.

just in case you want to be inspired too, here's her little shop on etsy. and who doesn't want to be inspired after all?

1 comment:

andrea said...

you are making me feel so loved today, friend. love seeing the prints framed and on your wall... so completely honored!

(thank you) xo