04 January 2012

lessons from life in a snow globe.

going home for christmas this year was different for a million reasons. not least of which was the complete absence of snow unless you count what they are making up there at the ski resorts. which I don't. global warming aside, this year was the first time I went home really feeling like an adult instead of a child returning home just a bit taller. and it got me thinking about all the unique ways in which I got to grow up. and it made the past shine in new ways. because like most things that are good in quiet, unassuming ways, I totally took it all for granted.

1. how to build an epic snowman. it's all about the accessories. obviously.

2. how to exploit nature. yes, I was the girl who sold you a pine cone for $5. yes, I could negotiate up to $20 for a sugar pine. yes, you were the dumb tourist who agreed to all of this.

3. how to shovel a car out of snow. my dad thought this would be a good lesson for me to learn. he thought it would make me appreciate life more. it did not.

4. how to drive a boat before learning how to drive a car. also, who even gets to learn how to windsurf these days? regular surfing is so overrated in my opinion.

5. how to stack firewood. every summer, my dad would come home with loads upon loads of huge rounds of timber. and every fall, he would create a "family fun day" where we would all get together in a dysfunctional sort of assembly line and cut and stack said wood for our winter use. I don't know if I would call it "fun" but I did learn my way around a giant wood splitter and my spatial abilities when it comes to stacking hundreds of logs are unmatched. these skills have come in handy all the time in my life as a lumberjack. oh wait...

6. how to wear a halloween costume over a snowsuit. or how to wear a snowsuit as a halloween costume. (see bunny ears channeling my good friend, ralphie.)

7. how to get hopelessly lost in the wilderness and not worry about it. my unbeatable lack of navigation proved itself at a young age when I would be playing in the forest that was my backyard and suddenly find myself completely lost. after the third time I stopped even worrying about it. I knew I would find my way back somehow. or mom would send the police to find me.

8. how to apply snow chains. yes, I learned on a four-wheeler.

9. how to drive on ice and in snowstorms. I became so talented that I would often drive to school in a complete blizzard unfazed. while applying makeup. skills. and complete stupidity.

10. how to "keep tahoe blue!" and "don't feed the bears!" the two favorite town taglines taught me the importance of water clarity. and the fact that if you leave food open in your car you may have a bear living inside it by the morning.

11. how to appreciate nature. terrifically cliche to say, I know. but let's face it. how can you live in a town surrounded by snow covered mountains, with north america's second largest fresh-water lake right in the middle and not understand, at least a little bit, the vast intricacy and phenomenal beauty of the natural world?

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Jyndia said...

I have to say, this post reminded me of my childhood! I have memories of halloween over snowsuits, driving a boat before a car, shoveling myself out of snow banks (because the ice that got me there was extra slippery!!!). THanks for the lovely post with all the cute adorable photos of you!!!! Love you CarrieElizabeth!