31 January 2012

today it felt a little bit like spring. in the midst of cold and gray. in the midst of january. somehow the sun was shining and I was able to go outside for a quick walk to the bank in only one layer instead of three! and as I was walking back to the office I let myself stop. just for a second. I wanted to feel the sun on my face. I wanted to soak in the uv rays and stand for just a minute before the cold returns and settles back in until march. and let me tell you, those few seconds were just what the doctor ordered.

and what does any self-respecting lover of spring do when it's just about to be february and she knows the clouds and the chill are right around the corner? she goes out and buys herself some tulips. bright yellow ones. when all else fails and the frost is about to take over. because the winter blahs are no match for the bright yellow tulip. and when they open just in time to fight the cold that returns to my bones - that will be just what the doctor ordered too.

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