09 January 2012

a wordless weekend indeed.

never before have I lived in a place like this. where power lunches actually mean something and my local news is your national news and - you know - decisions that affect the whole world get made.

never before have I experienced life like this. where I am consistently overwhelmed with people to meet and decisions to make and what seems like miniscule moments of time to manage between a million different things.

and yet here I am. the actions of growing up I suppose.

and sometimes I forget that in the midst of all this, I also live in a place with some of the most amazing pieces of beauty in the world. I forget that when I am overwhelmed with all the decisions I have to make, I can actually choose, just for one day, not to make them. I can choose, instead, to visit a special exhibition on edgar degas and his ballet dancers. I can choose to wander among paintings by van gogh and renoir and rothko. and I can choose to spend $25 and an afternoon shooting two rolls of film on a silly little camera. I can choose to let myself be an introvert for a few hours.

and that's what I did with my truly wordless weekend. I walked. I listened to pretty music. and I took some pictures. and it was just what I needed.

listened to:

gymnopedie no.1

and a nursery rhyme for another summer

and winter beats


1 comment:

Ginny said...

this is wonderful. i'm so happy you did that; it's one of the hardest things to CHOOSE in our area, but always ends up being exactly what was needed.
i love the photos, esp the rothko & renoir + observers....it makes me look forward even more to seeing what your lens captures in italy.