23 February 2012

some things I did this weekend.

flew on a tiny plane from DC to omaha. was reminded why I like big planes much better.

surprised a wonderful friend for her birthday. some might call her a best friend. I would not disagree.

discovered that while omaha may not be the bustling metropolis that is DC, it does boast some pretty impressive brick.

visited my kind of bookstore. the kind with keats spilling out of the rafters. and steinbeck from floor to ceiling. and dust happily settling on everything like the smile of my old friend settling happily on me.

watched warm winter light interact with a house overflowing with friends. and food. and so much laughter.
(and maybe some settlers of catan too.)

found a most impressive display of salt and pepper shakers.

complete with these little cuties.

and also wondered at the thought of buying a family portrait that belongs to someone I have never met.

played in the snow.

and walked and talked and remembered what it was like to be completely at ease.

experienced the most entertaining and completely hardcore display of female empowerment.

drank foamy chai (the best kind) and read astonishing and imaginative graphic novels.

drank maté, listened to youth lagoon and hung out with one very cool dog named gracie.

found some great street art.

and realized omaha is much cooler than I thought.

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