29 March 2012

ordinary instants in sicily

I wonder what it would be like to see these things as the sicilians see them. to me they are quaint and unique. moments to be captured and remembered. to them, they are normal and ordinary. everyday necessities of life.

an afternoon reposo in the shadow of st. agatha's cathedral.

good natured shouting and jostling at the daily catania fish market. I imagine these two have been friends for years.

 lemons. everywhere. bright yellow trees heavy with the fruits of their labor.

keeping the fish wet. and the cigarette dry.

a little piece of home. not everything can be local, I suppose.

narrow streets on the steep hills of motta sant'anastasia. cars whizzing up and through them with such velocity that I may never complain about the driving in dc again.

the smell of fresh mussels cooking in homemade white wine broth by lovely new friends. with this view behind them.

that beautiful travel friend resting below the duomo of siracusa.

young accordion masters serenading us amidst white wine, pizza, and the siracusa piazza del duomo.


Becca Dressler said...

Are you sure you're not meant to live there??!!! Such a perfect traveling experience for you :) Keep the pictures coming!

Dominic Abaria said...

This looks amazing Care Bear! Keep uploading those pictures! It goes by quick so soak it all in! I wish I could go back there :)