24 March 2012

today is the day.

I had such grand plans to post something fun and interesting on the eve of my trip to italy with my lovely and dear friend. but now here I am, sitting at the airport listening to a little girl tell her grandmother about girl scouts and mad libs and how she wants to try every single gelato flavor. and I think that might be a good goal for me too. trying every single gelato flavor, that is.

here's the plan:
- 2 nights in sicily
- 3 nights in rome
- 1 night in portovenere
- 8 nights in florence with 1 night in montepulciano and day trips to siena and cortona and ravenna thrown in
- 4 nights in venice

I look at that and can't even believe it's happening. but friends, it really is. and I'll try my best to keep you updated along the way. pictures will be limited to the iphone until I get back but I'm pretty sure italy will look beautiful any way you shoot it.

ciao from on my way to italia!

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